• Bianca A.

    "Don’t hesitate, buy these soaps! I tried them a few months back and really love how moisturizing they are. I normally have very sensitive skin but these did not irritate them at all. I even gave them as gifts for Christmas and the packaging was absolutely gorgeous. I’ll definitely be purchasing again and again."

  • Tim S.

    “This is the most unique hand-crafted soap that you’ll ever purchase! I’ve written only a few online reviews before, but I felt that this one deserves feedback for anyone considering taking a chance on this hidden gem; do it. This soap lasts a long time, has tons of suds, and scents that last long after the first use. It really beats the typical stuff found at your average store and stands in a league of its own! You have to try it!”

  • Mark R.

    "This is Good Soap! Being a typical Man, I have never really given too much thought to what soap I buy, '3 for a dollar' always worked well for me. Not anymore. I am now using these almost exclusively. First off, they are so visually appealing that you almost don't want to use them, so they are great if you just want to place them in a few guest bathrooms as a decorative touch. Aesthetically, you can't go wrong.

    Practically speaking, these are very dense bars so they last a good while. Also they are excellent as far as exfoliation is concerned (especially the one w/ coffee beans), and they have just the right amount of natural moisturizers that dry skin soaks them up, so I don't feel the need for greasy lotions during the winter. Five out of Five Stars!"

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