About us

Arra Noreen's is a partnership between Harrison, my fiancé, and I. Harrison and I moved to Denver, Colorado for his Ph.D. program in June of 2020, and having driven from San Francisco to Denver, we had taken a beautiful tour of the American Southwest. We'd always both enjoyed stopping in at little 'mom & pop' stores in the towns we'd pass through on trips, and especially loved the different types of neat little soaps that we'd see in these shops. They were always so perfectly crafted, so unique, and just so wonderful. Shortly after moving to Denver, we gave some thought to opening our own small business, and decided that we would most enjoy owning a small soap company. And with that, Arra Noreen's was born. 

So where do we go from here? Well, as newly-minted small business owners, we're having the time of our lives. Really, this is exciting! We're working hard day-in and day-out to find the best materials to craft the best soaps for you, our customers, to enjoy... As we see it, the sky is the limit, and we hope to bring endless soaping options to you!

Go ahead and browse our shop. If you see something you like, give it a try! If you have ideas, comments, or suggestions, let us know!

Looking forward to doing business with you!

-Arra and Harrison